Why new media?

The concept of new media and social media has taken off as quickly as the Internet itself.  With all the hipe about new media, I wonder what’s all the fuss about.  Well,  I figured out that it is all about OPPORTUNITY.   The opportunity to explore the world outside of our town, school, or home. It is a chance to exchange our point of view with the rest of the world. The new media breaks down barriers, which in the context of Elder Ballard’s talk about students using new media offers multiple avenues for talking about the gospel.  I sense (although I have no data to back it up) that time is accelerating.  The increase of temples being built, the need for more missionary couples are just a few examples of how events are speeding up as we near the coming of Christ.  I think that the acceleration in which the Internet and now, new media have caught on seems part of the events that will usher in the Second Coming.  Of course, this is not Mormon doctrine, merely my opinion.  There is the opportunity to hear the thoughts of people who we might not otherwise hear; like people in private industry and in government. The writing factor aside,  I believe that it gives students a chance to understand human connectivity.  That we are all connected globallt to one another through our ideas, our thoughts, and our human-ness.

One Response to Why new media?

  1. David Wiley says:

    We are all connected, in so many ways. It make me wonder, if the constant connectivity and access to information seems addictive to people, is it because they’re really looking for a substitute for the Spirit, and a constant connection to the real source of everything?

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