Personal Learning Environments

If we want to use new media to spread the gospel, think about a place individual users constructed activities, show the process they went through to gain their understanding, see some of the learning objects and resources they used, invite friends to participate, rather than subscribing to courses or having courses allocated to them.  I can see a convert to the church explaining how he/she learned about doctrinal concepts and how they applied them and gave others ideas on how they can apply them. Think using PLE to model a certain way that students learned a topic. . . learning objects and resources he/she found valuable.    I am kicking around the idea of how PLE relates to life long learning and what it would look like. Also, I came across a diagram by Stephen Downes about PLE which I am not sure I understand .  Can someone shed some light on it?

One Response to Personal Learning Environments

  1. Cheryl – I didn’t realize you were interested in PLE. It’s one of my major interests and I think I want my dissertation to revolve around PLE and it’s role in lifelong learning. Most of what I’ve read on PLE/PLN comes from other bloggers, but I’d love to talk with you about what you’ve read.

    Anyways, I don’t know if my opinion will be helpful, but I took a look at Downes’ diagram and it looks to me like he’s diagramming the components of the interface for a hypothetical PLE. Some of the information is coming from local files on the computer itself, but some appears to be coming from distributed locations across the Internet, much of it through RSS feeds. It also looks like this system allows an individual to use the interface to update external sites (like myspace, blogger, and flicker). Do you see it differerently?

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