I received a comment on my post about digital storytelling from David Adewumi from Washington, D.C.  He writes, Heekya which is an digital storytelling tool that allows people to create stories that happen in real life.  You can use it as a digital scrapbook or you can add to stories that are happening in the world.  It is like the wikipedia for story-telling where others can come and create their version of the feature story, whether it is about a world event or a personal event (wedding).  I can see a great potential for educational uses of this tool.  Students can express their viewpoint about a specific event in history, current event, or storyline in a book or a topic.   It also helps students to see the viewpoints on others on the same event or topic.  This tools looks very promising and I am interested in using it to see what other possibilities it has for personal and educational use.

One Response to Heekya

  1. sarajoypond says:

    This really does look like a neat tool…one of my questions would be about how it would be funded…are there going to be ads all over your stories?

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