podcasting, screencasting and video-sharing, oh my

I received an incoming link to my post about Heekya (thanks again, David in DC).  This is the first time that I have actually received a response to one of my blog postings.  I have to say it feels good to share with others and have others share with you, especially to have someone respond favorably to one of your posts. 

Before I launch into what I have found this week,  Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the amount of information that is coming at you every day?  Before wikis, RSS feeds, blogs, etc,  they only way you got information was through the radio, TV and newspaper and you could also turn it off if it was too much information.  Not now,  every morning when I get up I have at least 100 RSS feeds to go through and at least a couple of facebook friends to accept and instead of being woken up to the birds singing,  I am greeted by my twitterific account chirping at intermittent intervals.  Talk about hitting the ground running every morning.  Man,  it is better than coffee in the morning. . . well,  maybe not as good as a Starbucks’ Mocha Latte but that was a previous life. . . now it is Good Morning, Web 2.0

By I digress, I am researching educational uses of podcasts, screencasts, and video-sharing. 

As I was scanning the web for educational uses of podcasts, I came across a gem of a website.Education Podcast Network.  I also came across a list of educational uses of podcasts that I found helpful.  Educational Uses of Podcasting

As I continued persuing the web,  I came across a link called Give the Students What They Want by Mark Ott, from Jackson Community College.  He illustrates in a screencast what he is doing in the classroom to use screencast and gives examples.  

Teachinghacks.com has an interesting wiki on Video-sharing where it describes what video-sharing is, educational ideas around video-sharing, other educators using video-sharing, VideoEDU that gives examples of educational video.  It also describes how video-sharing works, software and hardware that is needed and available, what to use to capture video,  information about pre-production and post-production.  It has everything that a layman would need to know on how to do video-sharing, plus helpful references for educators.  I found a similar site called Video from Learning Technologies Centre that gives an excellent overview of video use online, examples of video use in education, video creation, video editing, video sharing/hosting.  A good resource for those who are new to video-sharing.

Coming soon.  I am working on creating two screencast for my IPT 287 students on how to set up a Google account and how to set up a wiki that I can post to our class wiki and I am also looking for a way to share some on my ideas about how I developed my testimony and my membership in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints either through a video or a podcast.  Look for my next post later in the day to see what I come up with.

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