Slideshare, Diigo, and Analytics

For those who know that I am taking a New Media, Social Media and Learning course as part of my graduate coursework,  we were assigned to explore Slideshare, Diigo, and Google analytics.  If you want some interesting information on using technology for differentiated instruction, check out Instructional Technology Coaching Meeting. The slideshow talks about ways we can differentiate instruction either by the way we assess student’s knowledge, the way that the student gains access to the knowledge and the depth of the content that the student explores.  It also gives some good tools for differentiated instruction.

The other slideshow that I found is Instructional Design for the Semantic Web. I am interested in the concept of the semantic web because of its potential to make a student’s thinking process visible and where there are breakdowns or holes in their understanding of a concept.  

Another slideshow I found intriguing is Instructional design 3.0. This slideshow lists some emerging technologies and examples that can be used by instructional designers to design for the Web 3.0:  

I have not been successful at highlighting and annotating a blog entry.  I have tried several times.  I know that Diigo goes not support Safari.  I downloaded Diigolet.  Is this the problem?  I am wondering if anyone else has had difficulty in annotating with Diigo.  

Thoughts on web analytics from an instructional designer’s point of view, not a business or marketing perspective, are: (1) I think that analytics is a good tool for designers to see how they can improve their instructional designs by watching how users access the site and materials and (2) I also see analytics providing a resource into the minds of those who use the instruction which can inform future designs. 

In thinking about how these tools can be used to share the gospel,  I can see Diigo as being very helpful in that I can highlight certain parts of church articles and then annotate it with my experiences and perspective.  Web Analytics may be helpful to see what topics visitors to the church web sites go to first. This may reveal what is on the minds of church members and nonmembers which could  help to tailor messages to not only church members but nonmembers.  I can see this having an impact on missions where a mission could have a website and then the missionaries could see who is coming to the site and what the visitors most pressing needs are.  This can help the missionaries to better serve the people in their area, not just in sharing the gospel but helping them with other needs.

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  1. I’m having trouble annotating with Diigo right now. It’s behaving somewhat erratically and I’m trying to figure it out.

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